From 8th until 18th November, 2018 at the Trapphuset Gallery in Stockholm, the Hungarian Embassy held an exhibition for three contemporary visual artists in collaboration with the Swedish Art Something Gallery and Next-art Gallery from Budapest. The „Three Hungarian Identities” presented artworks by Géza Szöllősi, Bianka Dobó and Sándor Dávid Papp.




The collage creations by Géza Szöllősi were inspired by Le grand cahier, a novel by the world-famous, Hungarian-born novelist, Agota Kristóf. The works represent a bizarre, broken world that is long gone but in a still amusing form. The illuminated graphics of Bianka Dobó are the intriguingly ironic examples how personal and public spaces reflect each other.

The graphic print series „Handicapped” by Sándor Dávid Papp visualizes in a touchingly sensitive way how an introverted person experiences the black and white world of walls and absurdities.


A művészetet a művészethez kapcsolva Asztalos Morell Ildikó Svédországban élő magyar költő, Práda Kinga fuvolaművész és Hux Mária Éva csellista társművészeti produkciója is színesítette a két hetes tárlat programját.

During the exhibition, the artists themselves have guided the visitors in their world of art and even a musical performance was organised to resonate the message of the illustrations. Sándor Dávid Papp and Bianka Dobó gave also a deep and honest insight into the thoughts behind the pieces, the used techniques and the creative process. By combining one expression of art with the other, the two-week exhibition was enriched by the joined performance of Ildikó Asztalos Morell, a Hungarian poet living in Sweden, Kinga Práda flutist and Maria Eva Hux cellist.

The Embassy is grateful to all partners and collaborators for a successful exhibition.

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