Hungary and Sweden celebrated 100 years of diplomatic relations in 2020 and the opening of the Embassy of Hungary in Stockholm in 1921. In connection to these special anniversaries, and also as the part of the worldwide Hungarian Bookshelf Project, the Embassy of Hungary in Stockholm offered to the Stockholm Public Library a selection of classical and modern Hungarian literature translated into English, as well as recently published popular science books and albums presenting Hungarian history and cultural heritage. 


We are very happy that this donation can be handed over to the Stockholm Public Library in 2022, and hope that the pieces of this book collection give new opportunities to your visitors and book-lovers to learn more about Hungarian culture and get to know more about classical and contemporary Hungarian literature and writers.


The list of books donated to the Stockholm Public Library in 2022.


Romsics Ignác:

A Short History of Hungary

Marosi Ernő:

A Guide to Hungarian Culture

Kovács Dániel - Batár Zsolt:

Budapest Art Nouveau

Hajdú Lídia:

Periodic Table of the Hungarians

Nyáry Krisztián:

Eminent Hungarians

Kocsis Károly - Schweitzer Ferenc:

Hungary in Maps

Illés Andrea:

World Heritage Sites in Hungary

Illés Andrea:

Hungary at a Glance

P. Kovács Attila:

Budapest: From Sunrise to Sunset

Bart István:

Hungary and the Hungarians

József Attila:

By the Danube

Molnár Ferenc:

The Paul Street Boys

Rejtő Jenő:

Quarantine in the Grand Hotel

Móricz Zsigmond:

Behind God's Back

Mándy Iván:

Fabulya's Wives and the Other Stories

Márai Sándor:

Portraits of a Marriage

Örkény István:

One-Minute Stories

Lackfi János:

Homo Hungaricus

Berg Judit:

The Raven's Ring

Lázár Ervin:


Csoóri Sándor:

Barbarian Prayer

Gáll István:

The Sun Worshiper

Kertész Imre:


Márai Sándor:

Esther's Inheritance

Spiró György:


Krúdy Gyula:

Blessed Days of My Youth

Hamvas Béla:

The Philosophy of Wine

Szerb Antal:

The Pendragon Legend

Esterházy Péter:

Celestial Harmonies

Krasznahorkai László:

Seibo There Below

Dragomán György:

The White King