Client service hours of the Consulate

In order to reduce the administrative burden of the Hungarian authorities also focusing on prevention of COVID-19 our Embassy in Stockholm suspends its consular services from March 16, 2020 till further notice.

In case of emergency our phone number during opening hours: +46 8 663 66 39

After opening hours you can reach the Consular Service in Budapest:

Phone: +36 80 36 80 36

WhatsApp: +36 30 36 36 111

Viber: +36 30 36 36 555


The following services can be processed in the client service hours

  • applying for passports
  • applying for ID cards
  • legalisation of signatures
  • certification of copies
  • certification of translations
  • certificate of life for Hungarian pensioners
  • certificate of good character
  • registration for online account for government services
  • declaration of settlement abroad
  • collection of passports and ID cards
  • collection of documents
  • applying for emergency passport
  • The Consulate is closed on Hungarian and Swedish public holidays.


Appointments to book

by e-mail: or

by phone (08 663 66 39) during the above mentioned phone hours

  • 1. Verification of Hungarian citizenship
    This procedure is needed if you would like to verify your Hungarian citizenship (based on your Hungarian ascendants) but you do not have a valid Hungarian passport, ID card or Certificate of citizenship.
  • 2. Simplified naturalisation
    This procedure applies if you or your ascendants used to be Hungarian citizen(s) and you speak Hungarian fluently.
  • 3. Registration of birth/death
    This procedure is necessary if a Hungarian citizen was born/died abroad. This fact should be registered in Hungary.
  • 4. Registration of marriage or divorce
    If a Hungarian citizen got married abroad the marriage should be registered by the Hungarian authorities. Divorce should also be registered in Hungary similar to the registration of marriage.
  • 5. Voluntary acknowledgment of paternity
    In case the parents were not married when the child was born a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity is necessary.
  • 6. Registration of marriage + registration of birth + passport application
    If a child was born in a marriage solemnized abroad and neither the marriage nor the birth have been registered in Hungary registration of the marriage, registration of the birth and the passport for the child may be applied together within the same procedure.
  • 7. Voluntary acknowledgment of paternity + registration of birth + passport application
    In case the parents were not married when the child was born abroad a voluntary acknowledgment of paternity is necessary and it can be applied for together with registration of the birth and the passport for the child.
  • 8. Change of name
    Application for change of birth name or marriage name, first name or surname.
  • 9. Residence permit
    Third country nationals intending to stay more than 3 months in Hungary may apply for a residence permit. For further information please visit following website:

At the Consulate

  • Due to high number of applications we can not tolerate delays, therefore we ask you to arrive on time to your appointment. In case of delay you might be asked to book a new appointment and come back later.
  • Please make sure that you have an appointment for the right consular case.
  • Payment of the  fee is the basic requirement of consular procedures. If you can not pay for the consular service at the time of application the procedure can not  be started and you shall be asked to book a new appointment.
  • There is no fast-track procedure at the Consulate. The expected lenght of the proceedings can be found on the website but this is for information only.


  • Please note that in most of the cases the Consulate only receives the applications and forward them to the competent Hungarian authority, therefore the Consulate can not accelerate the procedures. If you wish to get an update about your case please contact directly the competent Hungarian authority.
  • You will be informed about the outcome of the procedure via email, phone or by post.

Contact details, feedback

  • If you need to contact the Consulate please send e-mail to
  • Our intention is to provide high quality services for our clients, therefore  we kindly aks you to share your opinion with us on our services


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