On 8 February 2018, Ambassador Adrien Müller met the Chairman of the Riksdag’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Mr Kenneth G Forslund (Social Democrats). They had a discussion about Swedish-Hungarian bilateral issues, as well as about the most challenging European issue on the agenda, namely migration. The straightforward discussion made it possible for the ambassador to provide information on an objective basis about Hungarian rule of law issues, which was received by Mr Forslund in an open manner. The detailed Hungarian standpoint on migration was also presented. The ambassador and the chairman stressed that outstanding issues of the EU’s migration policy should be settled in a manner that do not create hard divisions between the Member States. When creating the EU’s new migration policy no Member State should be marginalized by e.g. passing a decision on the introduction of the permanent relocation mechanism by qualified majority. Any solution needs to be found jointly and unanimously. The parties agreed that relations should be intensified between the Foreign Affairs Committees of our respective parliaments. We will realistically be able to achieve this after the elections in both Hungary and Sweden.