On 18 January 2018, Ambassador Adrien Müller was received by Mr Urban Ahlin, Speaker of the Swedish Parliament, the Riksdag. The meeting provided excellent opportunity to have a discussion on Swedish-Hungarian bilateral relations, as well as on parliamentary elections coming up in both countries later this year. As regards migration, the Ambassador and the Speaker shared the opinion that the migration pressure on Europe would not cease, therefore a solution that is sustainable even in the long run is needed. Adrien Müller stressed that Hungary considers the protection of the EU’s external borders as the main priority. In order to preserve the unity of the Schengen Area, the protection of the external borders must be a priority for all Member States. Hungary does not support the permanent and mandatory EU relocation mechanism of migrants. Speaker Ahlin supports the ambassador’s goal to intensify relations between the parliaments of the two countries. They set as their joint objective to assist in establishing closer contacts between the various committees of the two parliaments after the elections to be held in Hungary in April 2018 as well as in Sweden in September 2018.