On 30th November 2019, the eleventh year in a row, the Hungarian Protestant Community in Sweden held a memorial service in Strängnäs Cathedral and its Chapel of Martyrs. In the chapel dedicated to the martyrs of the Modern Age, a Hungarian Protestant pastor, Kálmán Sass from Érmihályfalva is also commemorated, who was executed for his support of the 1956 Revolution. The annual church service is also a memorial event bringing together Hungarians from all over Sweden. The service was held by Pál Molnár-Veress together with pastor István Pöcze and the local bishop emeritus Jonas Jonsson. Ambassador Ms. Adrien Müller greeted the Hungarian community and Director of Cabinet Zoltán Kádár presented the message of Árpád Potápi, State Secretary for Hungarian Communities Abroad. The ambassador highlighted in her speech that it is our mission at the Embassy to maintain a close and continuous relationship with Hungarian communities living in Sweden and in this we count on the collaboration of Hungarian organizations in Sweden as partners. Zoltán Kádár reflected on the main goals of the government’s policy consistently followed since 2010 regarding Hungarians living abroad, and that it is a constitutional duty of the Hungarian government to support Hungarian communities abroad. As a part of these efforts they create more and more special programs each year for Hungarians in the diaspora.