Dear Friends,

This year, for the first time the Hungarian Embassy in Stockholm will open its doors on 23rd April 2022 for Stockholm Culture Night, and we are looking forward to welcoming you with exciting programs! 

You are invited to discover the life and the wonderful musical world of Ferenc Liszt and other Visegrad composers:

- visiting an outdoor exhibition about V4 composers (from Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia and Poland),

- visiting an indoor exhibition about Franz Liszt in English

- participating in interesting lectures about the life of the genius composer, by Anders Gabriel Sundström, author of the book, Franz Liszt, The man of contrasts (in Swedish), with piano accompaniment.

The programmes are free of charge, but please register in advance at, indicating which performance and how many people will be attending.

A confirmation e-mail will be sent.

The programme of the Hungarian Embassy at Stockholm Culture Night on 23rd April 2022

Lectures with music:

19:00-19:50 Ferenc Liszt, a man of contrasts. Swedish-language book launch and piano performance by Anders Gabriel Sundström. (registration:


21:00-21:30 Franz Ritter von Liszt. Anders Gabriel Sundström's lecture in Swedish on the history of Liszt's knighthood, piano performance. (registration:


23:00-23:30 Liszt the Freemason. Lecture and piano performance by Anders Gabriel Sundström in Swedish. (registration:



18:00-24:00 Interactive street exhibition about composers from the Visegrad countries. Iconic composers from Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia and Poland.

18:00-24:00 Exhibition in the Embassy building on the life and musical legacy of Ferenc Liszt - facts, pictures and documents.


The detailed programme is also available on the following website:

In Swedish:

In English: 

You are all warmly welcome!


Composers of V4 outdoor exhibition



Welcome to the interactive street exhibition presenting worldwide recognised and loved composers from the Visegrad 4 countries: Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia and Poland. 

Each panel is dedicated to an iconic composer from Central Europe like Liszt, Suchoň, Dvořák, Chopin and others. Their legacy and music are with us everyday. Read their thoughts about the beauty, power and essence of the music.

Music is a key element of our identity. There are no words to express its importance. It is an integral part of us as individuals, communities and nations. Music connects us through countries and continents. It is a universal language without words. Music is about feelings, stories, dreams, culture, traditions and many more where we all find our own interpretation. Music encourages, moves, motivates, calms down, energizes. It provides endless opportunities to find joy and peace.

We wish you a pleasant and recharging journey through the music of the Visegrad 4 countries.


The exhibition is organised by the Embassy of Hungary under the 2021-2022 Hungarian Presidency of the Visegrad Group. Visegrad 4 is a regional cooperation established in 1991 by Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, covering many aspects of international relations and everyday life.



We are happy to invite you, your friends and family to our traditional Christmas concert, this year by the fantastic Hungarian choir, the Saint Ephraim Male Choir from Budapest!

Date: 16 December 2021, 19.00

Venue: Eric Ericsonhallen (Skeppsholmskyrkan), Kyrkslingan 2., Stockholm

Free entrance!

Since the number of seats are limited, if you would like to come, please send an email, indicating the number of participants:

Doors open at 18.00, seating on a first come, first served basis.

According to the present rules, guests over 18 need to present a Covid vaccination certificate, which we have to check at the entrance.

Please only come if you are healthy!

Feel free to share this invitation with your friends, family and colleagues!

See you on the 16th of December!


Visegrad 4 Film Days at Cinema Zita Stockholm on 3-5 December 2021.

In the framework of the Hungarian Presidency of the Visegrad Four Group we are pleased to invite you to the V4 Film Days at Zita Cinema in Stockholm 3-5 December 2021,

where outstanding contemporary films from Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia and Poland will be presented. All films will be screened in original language with English subtitles.

Program of the Visegrad Film Days:

3 December 20.00 Bad poems/Rossz versek (directed by Gábor Reisz, Hungary 2018)

4 December 18.00 Havel (directed by Slávek Horák, Czechia, 2020)

4 December 20.00 Intimate enemy/Dôverný nepriateľ (directed by Karel Janák, Slovakia, 2018)

5 December 18.00 Kill it and leave this town/Zabij to i wyjedź z tego miasta (directed by Mariusz Wilczynski, Poland, 2020)

More information on the films:

The tickets are free of charge and can be reserved online:

Please forward this invitation to your friends and contacts.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the V4 Film Days!


Opening and candle lighting ceremony on 22 October 2021 at 18h

‘56 - 65 – Photo exhibition of the Hungarian Revolution 1956

Around the Embassy of Hungary, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 10, Stockholm

Welcome speech by H.E. Adrien Müller, Ambassador of Hungary to Sweden

Short presentation of the exhibition Mr Dániel Csonka, Deputy Head of Mission

Everybody is welcome!


Visegrád 4 Film Thursdays at Cinemateket

Welcome to the online “Visegrád 4 Film Thursdays” on Cinemateket from 14 October to 2 December 2021!

In the framework of the Hungarian Chairmanship of the Visegrád Group and in partnership with Cinemateket Sweden we are glad to invite you to online screenings of cinematic masterpieces from Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia and Poland every Thursday from October 14th until 2nd December 2021. The films from our four countries are international award-winning classics providing a unique insight into our region’s cinematic tradition. Every Thursday at 10.00 am a new film will be published online on Cinemateket’s website and will be available for 24 hours. All films are in their original languages with English subtitles.

Online V4 Film Thursdays on Cinemateket:

14 October, 2021: My 20th Century (Az én XX. Századom, Ildikó Enyedi, 1988, Hungary)

21 October, 2021: The Sun in a Net (Slnko v sieti, Stefan Uher, 1963, Slovakia)

28 October, 2021:  Adelheid (Frantisek Vlacil, 1969, Czechia)

4 November, 2021: Passenger (Pasazerka, Andrzej Munk, 1963, Poland)

11 November, 2021: The Fifth Seal (Az ötödik pecsét, Zoltán Fábri, 1976, Hungary)

18, November, 2021: Watch out! He is coming (“Utekajme, uz ide! ,Dusan Rapos, 1987, Slovakia)

25 November, 2021: Whimsical summer ("Rozmarné léto", Jiri Menzel, 1968, Czechia)

2 December 2021: It is called courage ("Eroika", Andrzej Munk, 1958, Poland)

For more information:

Take this opportunity and enjoy a film from the Visegrad 4 countries every Thursday!


Visegrad 4 Organ Concert - 18h on Friday, 15th October 2021 at Sofiakyrkan in Södermalm

We kindly send this invitation to a beautiful Visegrad 4 Organ Concert at 18.00h on Friday, 15th October 2021 at Sofiakyrkan in Södermalm on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Visegrad Group organized by the Hungarian, Slovak, Czech and Polish Embassies in Stockholm under the Hungarian V4 Presidency.

Everybody is welcome!


Sounds of Silence film festival - 11th October from 18.00 a Hungarian film classic, „The outsider”

The Embassy of Hungary in Stockholm participates this year in a special cultural program, organised between 8-14 October 2021 by the Swedish Filminstitute in cooperation with EUNIC in Stockholm. In the frame of the Sounds of Silence festival silent films will be presented accompanied by live music.

On the 11th October from 18.00 a Hungarian film classic, „The outsider” (1914, Michael Curtiz) will be shown by live piano music by Hungarian pianist Kristof Darvas.

You can find the program of the festival here:

More information on the film „The outsider”:



IMMERSION – outdoor photo exhibition, 22 May

From 22 May 2021 #HUStreetGalleryStockholm will set up a new outdoor photo exhibition around the building of the Embassy of Hungary in Stockholm.

You are warmly welcome to visit the exhibition between 22 May – 22 July 2021

Venue: Stockholm, Dag Hammarskjöldväg 10


Join again our Photo Challenge #HUStreetGalleryStockholm:

with a photo or selfie of the exhibition uploaded to your Facebook or Instagram page, using #HUStreetGalleryStockholm.


Bonus: If you visit us, do not miss the minisculpture of Alfred Nobel by Mihály Kolodko, looking at Nobelparken, by the fence of our Embassy building. #MeetNobelAtNobelgatan

Hungarian Movie Thursdays in April and May, 2021

Hungarian Movie Thursdays will be launched in April and May on in cooperation with the Hungarian Embassy and the Swedish Film Institute!

The following film classics will be screened in Hungarian, with English subtitles, available from 10 a.m. on the below dates for 24 hours on the website of Cinemateket:

  • 15th April: Job’s revolt (Gyöngyössy Imre-Kabay Barna)
  • 29th April: Love (Makk Károly)
  • 20th May: Football of the Good Old Days (Sándor Pál)


More information:


INSIGHT – outdoor photo exhibition, 15 March - 12 May, 2021

From 15 March 2021 #HUStreetGalleryStockholm will set up a new outdoor photo exhibition around the building of the Embassy of Hungary in Stockholm. A high-standard selection from the Hungary 365 Photo Contest (2019) will allow you to have an insight into exceptional buildings and interiors in Hungary.

You are warmly welcome to visit the exhibition between 15 March – 12 May 2021

Venue: Stockholm, Dag Hammarskjöldväg 10


Join again our Photo Challenge #HUStreetGalleryStockholm:

with a photo or selfie of the exhibition uploaded to your Facebook or Instagram page, using #HUStreetGalleryStockholm.


Bonus: If you visit us, do not miss the minisculpture of Alfred Nobel by Mihály Kolodko, looking at Nobelparken, by the fence of our Embassy building. #MeetNobelAtNobelgatan


National Day online film screening, 13-16 March, 2021

We invite you to an online film screening on the occasion of the National Day of Hungary, 15th March commemorating the Hungarian War of Independence in 1848-1849.

80 Hussars, a historic film by Sándor Sára (1978, in Hungarian, wth English subtitles, 124’) is based on the true story of Lenkey regiment of hussars rushing from Poland to Hungary during the War of Independence of 1848.

The online screening is accessible from 13th March 2021 until 8pm 16th March 2021 upon registration.

Please send your registration request to until 12th March 2021 COB. In our reply, you get the website address and password to the film.

We are grateful if you share this email with your friends or with those who might be interested.



The Embassy of Hungary in Stockholm is pleased to invite you all to a #HUStreetGalleryStockholm Winter (365) outdoor photo exhibition around the building of the Embassy at Dag Hammarskjöld väg 10, Stockholm between 22 December 2020 – 22 February 2021.

This is a perfect choice for outdoor & art in Diplomatstaden, Stockholm. The exhibition takes us to a wonderful journey to discover the magical atmosphere of Winter in Hungary. The photos are our selection from the best of the Hungary 365 Photo Contest

Take part also in our Photo Challenge #HUStreetGalleryStockholm ( with a photo or selfie of the Winter (365) exhibition uploaded to your Facebook or Insta with #HUStreetGalleryStockholm.

More information:



If you visit us, please do not miss our wonderful joint project with guerilla artist Mihály Kolodko  #MeetNobelAtNobelgatan


On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Hungarian-Swedish diplomatic relations and the 120th anniversary of handing out the first Nobel Prizes the project highlights the extraordinary figure of Alfred Nobel, with an ingenious hint that all great ideas start small before changing the world. The artwork not only celebrates Nobel, his legacy and his idea to contribute for the greatest benefit of humankind, but also all Nobel Prize laureates all over the world, who we are all very proud of. Find the beautiful piece of art of Alfred Nobel by Mihály Kolodko on Nobelgatan looking at Nobelparken.


“Climate Neutrality webinar – Perspective of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Sweden” 4 November 2020


Join us at the English language webinar on the climate neutrality perspective of the V4 countries and Sweden on 4 November 2020, between 10.00-11.30. The webinar’s panel features high-ranking Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Slovak and Swedish government experts. Hungary will be represented by Dr. Barbara Botos, Deputy Minister of State for Climate Policy.

You can register for the Zoom event at

For detailed information and program please visit

The program is organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Stockholm and supported by the Embassies of Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to Sweden.



„Street Photos - 1956” outdoor exhibitions from 21 October, 2020 untill 11 November, 2020.



If you happen to be in the neighbourhood then please come by and see our Photography exhibition, Street photos 1956, with pictures showing the Hungarian revolution of 1956. The exhibition portrays the dramatic events of the revolution with pictures from photographers like Anders Engman, Vagn Hansen and Russel Melchers.

The exhibition is open until the 11 November.

During the evening of the 23 October, 3 November and 10 November we will place live candles in front of picture to commemorate the revolution.



Filmscreening on the National Day of Hungary in the Zita Cinema, Stockholm



On the occasion of the National Day of Hungary 23th October the Embassy of Hungary is pleased to present a Hungarian film „Trezor” directed by Péter Bergendy (2018). The screening takes places 19th October 2020, 20h15, at Zita Folkets Bio (Birger Jarlsgatan 37, 111 45 Stockholm).

The admission is free but reservation is required:

Pandemic restrictions will be met, so please take into account that the number of seats are limited. (Please note that the number of available tickets shown on the website of the Bio Zita – due to their technical issues - is not correct. In total, no more than 50 tickets are waiting for your registrations. If this limit is met, the system won’t issue new tickets.)

The film will be screening in original language with English subtitles:


Online Concert from the Stockholm German Church



Hungarian traverso flute artist Benedek Csalog playing with the Swedish Orpheus Baroquw Sound of Crows opens the Stockholm Early Music Festival in Stockholm on 8 September 2020 at 20h.

Follow the concert lifestreaming! Get your tickets now!


More details:

The Concert is organised in cooperation with our Embassy.



Online film screening on the occasion of the Hungarian National Day of Unity



Let us celebrate togetherness by watching Mom and Other Loonies in the Family (Anyám és más futóbolondok a családból) by Ibolya Fekete, a Hungarian film about how history is shaping the life of different generations.

All you have to do is to send us an e-mail to and we will send you the link and the password. The film is available in original language with English, French, Romanian and Czech subtitles.



Online programs for Children’s Day



Heroic Times, an animated historical epic film directed by József Gémes, as an adaptation of the Toldi trilogy of János Arany (with English subtitle):

Hungarian tales, songs, music for children by Vilmos Gryllus, Ágnes Szalóki, Bori Rutkai, Judit Halász and many others:

Marvellous Hungarian folk tales of Marcell Jankovics in English:

Hungarian nursery rhymes in English:

Great collection of children’s film, partly with English subtitle:


Online movie



Hungarian-Swedish crime movie from Attila Gigor

The Detective - In Hungarian language with English subtitles. Here 


Music to your ears

Karanténbalett és karanténopera előadások a Magyar Állami Operaház Youtube csatornáján minden szombat és vasárnap este

Virtuózok koncert hétfő esténként 19 órától

Zeneakadémiai koncertközvetítések minden szerdán, pénteken és vasárnap 19.30-tól

Hangoskönyvek, hangjátékok és komolyzenei felvételek széles tára a Rádióarchívumból

Online koncertfelvételek az MTVA Bartók Rádió és a zenekar saját archívumából

Karanténestek hétköznap 19.45-től és kakaókoncertek gyerekeknek vasárnap 10 órától a Budapesti Fesztiválzenekar előadásában

A Pannon Filharmonikusok koncertgyűjteménye

Koncertfelvételek és digitális irodalom a Művészetek Palotája médiatárából


Online museums and exhibitons



Tematikus séták a Szépművészeti Múzeum oldalán. Nevezhetsz a Legyél Te is műalkotás játékba!


A Magyar Nemzeti Galériában is tehetünk tematikus túrákat, megtekinthető a Változatok a realizmusra – Munkácsytól Mednyánszkyig című kiállítás, valamint elérhető a Remekművek az oktatásban című oldal, amely tíz híres magyar festményt elemez részletesen egy-egy interaktív bemutató során.


Kortárs művészeti kiállítások a Műcsarnokban


A Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum Nonstop Nemzeti Múzeum projektje keretében az állandó kiállításaik (a Seuso-kincs kivételével) online bejárhatóak.


A Néprajzi Múzeum online gyűjteményében megtekinthetőek fényképek, diapozitívok, rajzok, kéziratok, hanganyagok és műtárgyak.


Ludwig Múzeum otthonról


Robert Capa Kortárs Fotográfiai Központ online, a 2013-as megnyitása óta megrendezett összes kiállítás archívumaival


A Petőfi Irodalmi Múzeum Szabó Magda- és Arany János-kiállításai bejárhatóak virtuálisan


Online film screening on the occasion of the Hungarian Film Day



Due to the current situation, this year unfortunately, we wont be able to invite you to a nice movie event but we offer an other option for enjoying a masterpiece of Hungarian cinematography.

We invite you to experience the awardwinning movie Eternal Winter (Örök tél) by Attila Szász while sitting on a cosy sofa at home.

Until 30th April you can watch Eternal Winter online in original language with English subtitles.

All you have to do is to send us an e-mail to and we will send you the link and the password.


Prepearing for Easter, celebration at home



Easter crafts, music records (Csík János&Mezzo, Muzsikás Band, Kolompos Band etc.) online at Várkert Bazár

Hungarian and international stars in your home with MÜPA Budapest, special concerts every evening

Performances of the Hungarian National Dance Ensemble

Easter Mass streamings of the Catholic Church

Easter Service streaming of the Protestant Church

Quarantine soirée live chamber music concerts of the Budapest Festival Orchestra

Ciróka Puppet Theatre of Kecskemét

MTVA Digital Film Archive





About our events and programs you can find more information on our Facebook.




Hungarian House in Stockholm

You can find news and programs organized by the Hungarian House on their website and Facebook.

Address: Lövåsvägen 12, 167 33 Bromma


UHU -  Hungarian Family Club in Stockholm

For programs and details please follow their Facebook 


Peregrinus Club in Stockholm

The Peregrinus Club organize a monthly meeting where they have intersting discussions about culture, science, etc. If you are interested in joining the Club please register on their Facebook.


BeKa Hungarian Theater in Stockholm

Please visit the website or Facebook of the Hungarian BeKa Theater for detailed programs and news.


Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Hungarian Cultural Association in Göteborg

If you are interested of the programs and events organized by the Hungarian Cultural Association in Göteborg please check their website or follow their Facebook-group